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Keil & Associates, PC provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At Keil & Associates, PC, we strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

Our professional services include:

Accounting Services

Keil & Associates maintains a commitment to excellence in all aspects of accounting and financial reporting.

Accounting Outsourcing

You submit your company's check stubs or check register to Keil & Associates, CPA-PC. We then process the check information utilizing our customized software to produce a general ledger and customized financial statements.

Software Training

Our Firm can assist in the installation and training of software with your staff so they become self-sufficient. We'll educate your staff in the software procedures to write checks, receive deposits, prepare bank reconciliations, reconcile the general ledger, and produce financial statements. If you do not have adequate staff, we can "fill the gaps". We can receive you accounting information via diskette, e-mail, or on site at your office. We provide as many, or as few, services as are needed.

Controller Services

Keil & Associates can synergize your existing accounting personnel by acting as the controller for your business. In this situation, you maintain the accounts payable and accounts receivable personnel, and we review their work, analyze the general ledger, provide journal entries, and generate the financial reports necessary for you to run your business on a monthly or as-needed basis. Clients can utilize this service on a temporary or permanent basis.

Payroll Services

Keil & Associates recommends our affiliate, Payroll eXpress, for payroll processing and payroll tax filing needs.

Payroll eXpress provides payroll-processing services to companies of all sizes in all industries. With its ability to provide the latest technology and highest quality service, Payroll eXpress is meeting the demands that today's accounting departments require.

Services offered by Payroll eXpress include:

  • Check calculation
  • Check signing and stuffing
  • Direct Deposit/EFT
  • Employee earnings records
  • 401(k) report
  • Data transfers and General Ledger

Tax Services

We advise and we plan.

Our tax group specializes in tax planning and problem solving for closely-held companies and their principals, and functions as a tax advocate for all of our clients. We have extensive experience in corporate, partnership, individual, estate, and gift taxation. We use our experience to be proactive business professionals for our clients; an integral part of the company management team. We think strategically and we're aggressive. This results in improved overall client company performance.

Our Tax-Law Specialties:

  • Selection of business form and business origination
  • Business combinations (mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations)
  • Liquidations, sales, and redemptions
  • Multi-state tax preparation and planning
  • Design and administration of retirement/health benefits
  • Tax problems peculiar to specific industries
  • Valuation and appraisals
  • Individual Income and Estate Tax planning and compliance

Are You Taking Full Advantage Of The Tax Law to Reduce Your Tax Burden?

  • Offsetting capital gains with losses
  • MACRS depreciation method
  • Shifting income to your children
  • Writing off bad debts
  • Section 529 education savings plan
  • Catch-up retirement plan contributions
  • Donating appreciated assets

Maximizing your tax savings requires careful planning and the full use of credits, deductions, and strategies like these. This is where our experts can help. Our professionals are well-versed with the latest tax laws and can show how to make them work for you. It's a powerful tool for helping you achieve your goals of maximizing your income, putting away enough money for your children's college education, ensuring a secure retirement, and protecting your wealth from estate and other taxes.

Information Technology

We can help you resolve your current software issues by offering implementation and training services as well as upgrading your current applications to state-of-the-art client/server financial, distribution, manufacturing, job cost, payroll, fixed assets, or human resource applications.

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